Birds Custard Powder Tin Canister

Birds Custard Powder Tin Canister

  • £4.99

Alfred Bird Invented Birds Custard as the original egg free custard powder in 1837. He invented it for his wife who was allergic to the egg used in traditional custard. Birds Custard is one of the most popular brands to be found on the shelves of British households today.

Do you love Custard? Well this is the perfect storage tin for you, decorated with iconic classic Birds Custard branding of red, yellow and blue. Featuring a blue lid with the trademark Birds Custard Birds.

This tin is a great present for any custard lovers out there or for anyone who loves that touch of nostalgia in their kitchen.

Round tin with push on lid.

Height approx 9cm

Diameter approx 8.5cm

Not suitable for the dishwasher or the microwave.