• £4.99

Keep all your quills and magic ink for class at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in this Harry Potter Hogwarts Letter pencil case.

Cream pencil case with the famous address used for Harry Potter's first letter from Hogwarts to 'The Cupboard under the stairs' at 4 Privet Drive on the front.

The back of the pencil case resembles the back of the envelope with the Hogwarts crest above a red Hogwarts wax seal that has been stitched onto the pencil case.

Perfect for keeping all those essential stationery items in such as pens, pencils etc for using at school or university. 

Add some magic to your work life with this magical pencil case.

Makes a great gift for any Harry Potter fans or stationery lovers.

Measures approx 22.5cm long x 10cm high.

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