• £23.99

Little Hedgehog has a lovely linen belly with velvety soft brown prickles on her back and a stitched brown nose for snuffling with.


Little Hedgehog's body is filled with beans to make her soft and cuddly which means that she has the ability to be able to sit up on her own at tea parties and picnics with other hedgehogs and bunnies. 

When Little Hedgehog is tired and needs a sleep she can be wrapped up all warm and cosy in her own leaf blanket for a long snooze. 


Little Hedgehog is 18cm high, made from 100% cotton and can be popped in the washing machine at 30 degrees for a swim. 

Little Hedgehog is suitable as a friend for any little ones from birth.


Little Hedgehog would make a lovely present for any little ones to help build imaginative playtime.


Little Hedgehog is also great as a gift for any Hedgehog lovers out there. 

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