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Lottie Doll Always Artsy is a winner of 'Positive Role Model' award.

Always Artsy Lottie is ready with her paint, easel, pallete and paint brush to introduce children to the world of art. she wears a pretty pink and white stripey top with blue pants, yellow scarf and blue beret. 

She is packaged in a reusable box with handle and on the back it reads 'At school, we’ve been learning about some of the world’s most famous artists. There are just so many ways to express yourself! I really like Beatrix Potter’s wildlife drawings but I’d love to be a painter when I grow up. My pictures don’t always turn out quite the way that I was expecting. Yet. But being bold, getting creative and experimenting with different styles is always fun. PS: There's winning artwork from my art competition inside!'

Lottie dolls have been designed to look like a 9 year old girl. She does not wear make-up , high heels or jewellery. This gives a clear message about a healthy view on body image and presents a positive role model for young girls.

Suitable for ages 3 and over.

Lottie doll is 18 cm tall 

Box size  16 cm x 24 cm x 6 cm approx

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