Lottie Doll - Brownie

  • £19.95

Lottie Doll Brownie is a winner of 'Positive Role Model' award.

Brownie Lottie doll has been designed with 'world association of girl guides and girl scouts' in mind. 

Brownie is ready for any adventure, she is dressed in jeans, t-shirt, hoodie, blue and yellow neckerchief and trainers.    

She is packaged in a reusable box with handle and on the back it reads 'I just love being a Branksea Island Brownie and we’re about to have the most amazing adventure ever! Because, next weekend, we’re going on a camping trip. Woohoo! There’ll be lots of new activities for us all to try. I’m the teeniest, tiniest bit nervous about canoeing but I’ll have my best friend Mia with me so I know that it will be lots of fun, too!'

Lottie dolls have been designed to look like a 9 year old girl. She does not wear make-up , high heels or jewellery. This gives a clear message about a healthy view on body image and presents a positive role model for young girls.

Suitable for ages 3 and over.

Lottie doll is 18 cm tall 

Box size  16 cm x 24 cm x 6 cm approx

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