Harry Potter Letters Travel Pouch

  • £14.99

This Harry Potter letters travel pouch is the perfect safe place for all your essentials whilst travelling.

The front of this white travel pouch features debossed detailing in an envelope shape with a debossed Hogwarts crest in black.

The back features Harry Potter's iconic address at the Dursley's house on Privet Drive and an Owl Post stamp.

With a red Hogwarts letter seal zip closure to keep all your contents safe.

Features a red lining with a repeated Harry Potter logo design in white.

Great for using for keeping all your travel documents safe and secure whilst travelling.

Also great for using in your handbag for money, keys, make up in your handbag or as case for pens and pencils.

This travel pouch would make a great gift for any Harry Potter fans.

Made from PU and nylon.

Measures approx 16 (h) x 24 (w) x 1 (d) cm.

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