Lottie Doll - Snow Queen

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Lottie Doll Snow Queen is a Winner of 'Positive Role Model' Awards.

Lottie, from Arklu, is going to a party dressed as the Snow Queen.

Lottie wears an ice blue and frosty white gown, furry wrap, pair of blue ballet flats, evening bag and a silver sparkly mask.

She is packaged in a reusable box with handle and on the back it reads: "Lottie is thrilled to receive a party invitation to the Masked Ball. Inspired by one of her favourite stories, Lottie decides to dress as a Snow Queen. Wearing a silver, sparkly mask and a magnificent ice blue and frosty white gown studded with silver snowflakes but will any of her friends recognise her?"

Lottie has been designed to look like a 9 year old girl and shares the same interests as girls her age.

She does not wear make-up, high heels or jewellery and has the proportions of an average 9 year old girl. Her limbs bend and she gets dirty like most girls do.

Lottie gives a clear message about a healthy view on body image, and represents a positive role model for young girls.

Suitable for age 3 and over.

Lottie is 18cm tall

Box dimensions: 16cm x 24cm x 6cm approx

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